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What Reasons Interfere HEPA Filter’s Filtration Efficiency ?

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If a filter is always affected by a variety of distractionsthat affect its efficiency, what is the reason for the low productivity of thefilter?

The Problem is severityin order to avoid this problem happening, Let’s learning together.


1. Air resistance

If the moving air meets the filter material, he will let theair flow around, and at the same time there will be very small resistance, butthere will be some resistance in the wind speed to become the filter device.

Air resistance.When the filter reaches a certain value, thefilter will be replaced.

2. The wind speed

If the wind speed is low, his filtration efficiency will behigher, which is low wind speed, and the diffusion of dust will be obvious.Ifthe air is stuck for a long time, the dust will crash.

The odds are high.In the practical application, we should setthe filter parameters of wind speed reasonably, which is of great benefit tofilter efficiency and effect.

3. Filtration area

This filter, his resistance will grow as the air flow and theflow rate become larger.The adhesion of dust increases resistance to air flowand makes the air filter larger.when

New screens will also improve.But the whole filtering effectdepends on the size of the filter.Thus, the life of the filter device and thefiltration area are related.