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  • Green white cotton, air filter cotton

    Green white cotton, green white needle cotton, air filter cottonCharacteristics:It is composed of high performance and f...

  • Chinese New Year Holiday Notice

    Chinese New Year Holiday NoticeDear Clients,Pleasekindlybeadvisedthatourcompanyandfactorywillbeclosedfrom23th Janto 31st...

  • Blocking of bag air filter and Its Countermeasures

    Blocking of bag air filter and Its CountermeasuresBag filter is a kind of multi-purpose air purification equipment with ...

  • DOP Leak Detection Method of HEPA Filter in Cleanroom

    DOP Leak Detection Method of HEPA Filter in CleanroomHEPA (high efficiency filter) generally refers to the filter with a...

  • When to replace air filters?

    In recent years, with the rapid development of science and technology and industrialization in China, air filters have b...

  • PTFE and Microfiber Glass HEPA Filter

    Not all HEPA filters are the sameWhen it comes to HEPA filtration, there are two main options to select from: a filter m...

  • When to replace air filters?

    Replacement Cycle of Air FilterAir filter is the core equipment of air conditioning purification system. The resistance ...

  • How to Select Air Filter

    How to Select Air Filter1. Reasonable determination of filter efficiency at all levelsUsually, the cleanliness of the ai...

  • Air Filter Manufacturer from China

    Air Filter Manufacturer from ChinaOur factory located in chengdu city, China. Since its establishment, we have made grea...