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When to replace air filters?

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In recent years, with the rapid development of science and technology and industrialization in China, air filters have been widely used in various industries and fields. For different needs in different industries and fields, the same type and model of air filters are derived. The service life of different types of air filters varies greatly. When an air filter is used longer than its service life, its filtration efficiency may be severely reduced.

How can I tell if the air filter needs to be replaced?

1. In normal use, when the final resistance of the filter is 2-3 times the initial resistance, it should be replaced. Because the air filter will form a resistance to the air flow, and the filter will accumulate dust, the resistance will increase. When the resistance increases to a certain value, its filtering efficiency will greatly decrease, and it needs to be replaced.


2. In the daily cleanliness testing of clean areas, the detected data should meet the design requirements of the clean plant. If it fails, the filter should be scanned immediately and the system's sealing performance should be checked. If the filter leaks, it should be refilled or replaced.


3. When the air filtration system is re-used after being deactivated for a long period of time, the filters in the clean room should be thoroughly scanned and the sealing performance of the system should be checked. If it is leaked or damaged, it should be replaced immediately.


4. Due to the high risks and indirect costs of replacing the high-efficiency filter at the end, in order to extend the service life of the high-efficiency filter, the most effective method is to replace the pre-filter regularly.


When to replace air filters?


· Under normal conditions of use, flat, foldable primary or intermediate-effect filters are generally replaced once every 1-2 months. After the filter material is replaced, it can be soaked and rinsed with clean water containing detergent, and then dried and replaced. ; Generally, after washing 1-2 times, new filters must be replaced to ensure filtration efficiency.

· For bag-type coarse or medium-efficiency filters, under normal use conditions (average 8 hours per day, continuous operation), the filter should be replaced with a new one after 3-4 months of use.

· For sub-high efficiency filters, under normal use conditions (average 8 hours per day, continuous operation), generally use for 5-6 months and should also be replaced.


For the above filters, if there is a pressure difference meter or a differential pressure sensor before and after the filter, the coarse effect filter must be replaced when the pressure difference is greater than 250Pa; for the medium efficiency filter, the pressure difference is greater than 330Pa Must be replaced; for sub-high efficiency filters, when the pressure difference is greater than 400Pa, it must be replaced, and the original filter cannot be reused


· For high-efficiency filters, when the resistance value of the filter is greater than 450Pa; or when the air velocity on the air outlet surface is reduced to a minimum, even after replacing the coarse and medium-efficiency filters, the air velocity cannot be increased; or when the high-efficiency filter If the surface of the device cannot be repaired, it must be replaced with a new high-efficiency filter. If there is no such condition, it can be replaced once every 1-2 years according to the conditions of the use environment.



When the equipment is running, generally do not replace the filter; if the filter can not be replaced due to the replacement period, you can only replace the coarse and medium-efficiency filters without stopping the fan; the sub-high-efficiency filters and high-efficiency filters must be replaced It can be replaced only after the air supply is stopped.


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