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Green white cotton, air filter cotton

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Green white cotton, green white needle cotton, air filter cotton


It is composed of high performance and fracture resistant silicon free synthetic fiber;

Using multi-layer encryption technology step by step;

It meets the fire protection classification standards of Europe din53438, F1 and America ul900, class2;

High humidity resistance, 100% relative humidity resistance;

High temperature resistance up to 120. C;

It can be supplied in rolls or slices.


Filter cotton is suitable for coarse dust filtration, air filtration system pre filtration, air conditioning system return air filter;

It is suitable for various industrial purposes, such as pollution prevention, air conditioning industry, industrial waste gas, processing pollution fog, etc;

It is especially suitable for pre filtration of painting system and painting workshop;

It can be processed into primary effect plate type or primary effect bag type filter screen according to customers' requirements.

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