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Air Filter Clean Methods & Steps

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Air filter refers to the air filter device, generally used for clean workshop, clean workshop, clean operating room, laboratory and clean room, or used for dust prevention of electronic mechanical communication equipment.Widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, machinery, light industry, textile, automobile manufacturing, electronics, food, medicine, biochemical, national defense, scientific research and other industries and departments that need compressed air purification.

Cleaning methods and steps of air filters:
1. When the surface of the filter is not very dirty, take the filter outside and blow clean it with clean compressed air on both sides. Blow and wash it until the eyes do not see dust particles in the light.
2. When the filter surface is dirty, it needs to be washed.In the general area of the water chamber (air conditioning room) with a tank into about 100 jin of water, 1 jin of bottles of detergent diluted, the filter into the tank to all submerged in the water.Rinse several times, to no pollution, and finally rinse with clean water until the water is clear, take out on the stainless steel grid to drag over the dry water, and then spread it on the shelf to dry in the shade, cool in the sun to double frequently turn in order to speed up the drying speed.
3. Clean the outer surface of the air conditioning box body and affiliated pipelines and instruments with rag every day, so that the equipment is clean and bright.
4 on the equipment of oil, glue to use cloth dip detergent to wipe off, and then clean with drinking water, leaving no trace.
5. After each replacement of the primary and medium effect filter, the internal wall panel, fan, heater, cooler, flow plate of the air conditioning unit should be thoroughly cleaned, dust, dirt and oil stains should be cleaned, and no dead Angle should be left, and then the primary and medium effect filter should be installed.
6. The internal system should be cleaned once every half a month. Wipe the internal system with a wet rag first, and then clean it comprehensively with a dry rag.
7. When replacing the HEPA filter, the four frames and surrounding areas of the installation filter should be wiped clean with wet clean cloth, and repeated three times, and the HEPA filter should be installed immediately after wiping.The HEPA filter should be unpacked on site and installed immediately after inspection to prevent dust from falling into the HEPA filter.
8. Detects the number of suspended particles in the clean room significantly exceeds the standard, and the final air volume of the HEPA filter is reduced to less than 70% of the initial air volume.
9. After HEPA filter replacement, dust particle counter detects leakage between HEPA filter and installation connection.At the same time of scanning inspection, tighten the bolt or plug the leak with epoxy resin silica gel.
10. The detection and replacement of HEPA filters should be recorded in time.
11. Leak test and verification shall be carried out after replacement of HEPA filter.

Matters needing attention for air filters:

1. After cleaning the filter cloth, if the initial resistance value of the filter is lower than the initial resistance value of the filter installed for the first time, it should not be used and replaced in time;The filter should be replaced even if the pressure difference is greater than the initial value after two times of cleaning.

2. When taking the HEPA filter, the case should be carried upside down to make the HEPA filter land smoothly.

3. After cleaning the filter, check whether it is damaged or not, and replace it in time. Do not rub, machine wash or shake dry.

4. In the cleaning process, the primary and middle effect filter should not be confused, and should be numbered in order to distinguish.

5. Each air purification system should have a set of spare filters to be replaced in time when cleaning.

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