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How to improve the sealing effect of high temperature filter

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If you want to improve the sealing of the high temperature filter can only use a good bit of sealing strip and sealant.What method can be used to improve the sealing effect of high-temperature filter? In fact, the poor sealing effect of high-temperature filter is caused by many aspects, not only the quality problem of high-temperature filter itself.We'd like to talk to you about how to improve the sealing effect of high-temperature filter, so as to effectively improve the sealing effect of the filter.


1. Through the use of negative pressure leakage sealing method, the polluted air in the positive pressure space is transmitted to the negative pressure space outside the working area by means of human intervention to ensure that the working area is not polluted.

2. contact packing sealing method, this method is a sealing filler with solid gasket, such as: neoprene rubber, obturator sponge rubber plate, and liquid sealant, such as: silicone rubber, neoprene rubber, natural rubber, etc..Solid gaskets are usually sealed by mechanical compression of bolts.The compression of rubber plate is generally 30-50.Liquid sealant is sealed by filling and adhesion methods.This sealing method is also commonly used in clean rooms.

3.liquid groove sealing method, this method is in the groove frame, inject a certain height of non-Newton sealing liquid, high temperature filter mouth is inserted into the sealing liquid, so that the air passage on both sides is blocked, to achieve the purpose of sealing.This sealing method has strong reliability and easy disassembly of the filter. It is usually used for class 100, class 10 and higher clean room seals.

#Hightemperaturefilter is usually from the inlet into the compressed air and into the baffle.The baffle has uniformly distributed spiral blades, such as those of a fan, which force the high-speed flow of compressed air to rotate strongly in the tangent direction of the teeth.Liquid water, oil and larger impurities mixed in the air are separated by strong centrifugal force and flow to the bottom of the cup.

Remove large impurity liquid water, oil and compressed air, and further filter through the filter element to remove small solid particles, and then discharge clean compressed air from the outlet.The umbrella-shaped baffle divides the cup into upper and lower parts, and the lower part maintains a static pressure zone to prevent high-speed rotating air from inhaling the water and oil at the bottom of the cup.The water collected from the bottom of the cup is discharged through the drain valve.Install an air filter under the vertical cup.The diameter of the upper hole is too large, and the volume of the float required is also large, which will increase the structural size of the cup.If the diameter is too small, it is difficult to manufacture during injection molding.Generally, the diameter of the upper hole is 0.8 to 1.5 mm.

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