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Air filter filter speed and surface wind speed calculation formula

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Measure air filters through the ability of air volume can be represented with surface wind speed or filter speed, speed response filter material through capacity, especially reflect the filtering performance of the filter, the filter speed is lower, generally will make the air filter to obtain higher efficiency (this is because the low strain rate under the condition of particle is easier to stick to and achieve filtering);The lower the filter speed allowed by the air filter, the greater the resistance of the air filter filter material.

Filter speed and surface wind speed of air filter

The following are the relevant formulas and meanings of air filter speed and efficiency:

Q - Air volume (m3/h)

F -- The cross-sectional area of the air filter is the upwind area

F - the net area of the filter material, that is, the area occupied by the removal of bonding

Resistance: The fibers cause the air to go around, creating little resistance.The sum of the resistance of countless fibers is the resistance of the air filter.The resistance of air filter increases with the increase of air flow rate. By increasing the area of air filter material, the relative wind speed through the filter material can be reduced to reduce the resistance of air filter.

After the air filter is installed

Surface wind speed (u) : the velocity of air flow through the air filter section (m/s)

U = Q/(F (3600)

Note: In the case of a certain air volume, the larger the filtration area, the smaller the surface wind speed U

Filter speed (V) : the velocity through the airflow over the filter material area (m/s)

V/f = 0.028 x Q

Note: in the case of a certain air volume, the larger the net area of the filter material, the lower the filter speed, so as to achieve better filtration efficiency.

Under specific air filter structure conditions, the unified reflection of surface speed and filter speed is rated air volume.Under the same cross-sectional area, it is hoped that the larger the rated air volume allowed, the better. When operating under the rated air volume, the filter speed of the air filter will be reduced, the filtration efficiency will be improved, and the resistance will be reduced.

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